Networking for Developers, Artists and Designers W/ Torch.

We Are All 3D Publishers Now. Our second networking event was a fun and filled night of AR designing and building.

About Torch
Torch builds the full suite of augmented reality tools that creative teams use to quickly design, test, and share AR apps—on social media, as standalone experiences, or as part of existing mobile applications.

Celebrating Torch 3
In June we celebrated the release of Torch 3—the most powerful, shareable AR creation tool ever. Made right here in Portland! We learned what makes mobile AR so powerful and met some of the Torch team.

There were several ways to experience the delight of shareable AR with Torch. We tried several playable user-generated apps and learned how to build our own branded AR apps.

This Was our fifth event and our first networking event since passing 150 members! We look forward to sharing with you what we have planned for the rest of the year.

We encourage all skill levels of any background to come and chat with us!