Estella Tse

We were honored to have Estella Tse speak about her unique creative process. It’s not a process that has a long history of practitioners.

Consuming 3d content has been a thing for quite some time. Creating 3d content, in 3d is something new. Estella Tse is an artist working in VR.

It’s not as complicated as it might sound. Estella paints directly into her scenes as a painter or sketcher would. No primitives, no copy paste, heck sometimes no undo. Just strokes of digital ink flowing in 3d dimensional space.

Estella is one of the few artists today spending significant amounts of time creating in 3d. She is defining a process and a technology as well as creating some amazing work.

Like all creative processes, trial and error i a big part. I find that in Estella’s work this is an advantage as it lends itself to her style. Estella’s work has an incredible amount of energy and animation quality. It feels like it’s alive.

Consuming immersive art must also inform the work. We aren’t looking at these creations in the same way we are traditional media. Whether it’s via headset or mobile the rules of interaction are altered. It’s truly a new world for both the making and consuming of art.

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